9 Benefits of Automation on Business Process Management

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Day to day processes are part of running a business. However, these fundamental tasks take up time and resources. They’re essential to business but they can also prevent your business from growing.

Automation tools exist to streamline your processes and take your business to the next level. Through automation tools, you will minimize everyday menial and redundant tasks that can be found in things like data entry, document building, inventory management and order processing.

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Many perceive automation as unnecessary or a danger to the middleman. This is far from the truth.

The key to successful business automation is creating a balance between automated systems and your employees. Automation technology has helped many people and businesses achieve the unimaginable. Business process automation isn’t an exception.

When you automate your business with the right software solution, whether out-of-the-box or custom, you’ll see improvements across the board.

Let’s talk about some of those improvements right now. Here are 9 benefits of business process automation.


1. Save Time and Accomplish More Business Goals

Cut your daily opportunity costs by spending less time doing manual tasks. Instead,  spend more time planning and executing your business objectives. Why waste time manually generating an invoice or emailing marketing materials when in that time you can solidify partnerships, treat your staff  to lunch, plan for the quarter, or innovate?



2. Lower Operational Costs in More Ways than One

Automated processes can help lower your operational costs. You could automate processes such as accounting, inventory, order processing, and many more. Think about how much more you and your team can accomplish when you automate these tasks.

When you free-up your employees time, they can focus more on specialized roles. Companies would usually outsource these tasks. Using automation, you could engage your in-house talent while saving money.



3. Turn Your Business into a Well-Oiled Machine

Another benefit of automation is that it helps streamline your processes from start to finish. This streamlining translates to higher efficiency and cuts cost associated with manual, redundant tasks as well as wasted resources such as paper.

In work we did with Kintec Footwear and Orthotics, we built a custom application called Kiwi. This application  improved Kintec’s chaotic paper-based processes and automated the generation of their custom patient reports. The app’s introduction streamlined their medical assessment practices while reducing thousands of pages of paper and  processing overhead.



4. Stop Worrying About Complying with Regulations

Many industries are highly regulated putting businesses in a tight spot. Often they’ll have to outsource roles to comply with strict regulations.

When you automate your business processes, you can comply with regulations more easily and reliably due to the decreased chances of human error. Automation brings consistency and accuracy to your operations, allowing you to ensure that your processes always follow regulatory requirements.


5. Increase Your Output

By using an automated solution, the process of achieving sales or KPI targets can become easier and faster by lowering lead time. The automation solution will run while increasing your staff’s productivity and output.

For example, an automated document builder that we built for Plotkin cut the time required to draft insurance contracts in half. Thanks to this automation software, Plotkin doubled their productivity as well as their sales.


6. Easier Scalability to Improve Your Business

If you want to take your business to the next level, it has to be scalable. That’s the only way you’ll be able to grow and secure new clients.

Automating business process makes scaling easier. Most of the time, onboarding new clientele will require you to increase your capacity to supply a service.

However, completing a large contract can strain and stretch your resources to the point where you no longer provide excellent service.

Using automation, you can allow software to do the heavy lifting. In turn, you can manage your resources better and provide efficient, consistent, and reliable service.

Your ability to provide excellent service allows you to remain competitive in the market while consistently securing new customers.

7. Reduce Errors and Gain More Control

Automation brings control and consistency to your business processes. From production to internal processes, automating tasks reduces errors.

The uniformity in results makes your business more efficient and the quality of production better.

8.  Fast Return on Your Investment

Your unique business needs require the right automated solution. Investing in automation improves your lead times and make more sales faster. The increase in production, the decrease in operational costs, and other savings mean a quick return on your investment.

9. Better and Smarter Planning for the Future

Automating your processes will help you get ready for the future. How do you see your business in the next 10 years? Are you thinking about expanding your product offerings?

Business process automation can help you make this happen. You could use the scalability of automation to plan how your business can evolve to become bigger and better.

Have you thought about using automation to improve your business? We can help!


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