Startup Resources For Calgary Entrepreneurs


Alberta has it’s own thriving community of entrepreneurs and emerging startups. Over the last decade, particularly in the last 5 years, a lot of resources have surfaced to support this innovative community in Calgary. We took a look to see what Calgary has to offer entrepreneurs and were happy to find some great resources, some of which are very unique to Calgary and Alberta. We thought we’d share them with you here on our company blog. Here is a list of startup programs, co-working spaces, and financing options available to Calgarians:

Startup Calgary

Startup Calgary is a great resource for entrepreneurs featuring a variety of events and networking opportunities. They provide an extensive directory of startups in the Calgary area, event listings, and a jobs board on their website.

Innovate Calgary

This technology focused business incubator guides entrepreneurs from discovery through innovation to market. They act as the incubation centre for The University of Calgary and work closely with campus Research Services and the Office of the Vice President of Research. They also power a co-working program called The Inc that provides a supportive environment with mentorship, peer support, and accountability.

UP Calgary

Up is a global movement focused on supporting new ventures, providing resources for entrepreneurs, and connecting the community. UP Calgary is oriented at supporting these initiatives locally while connecting the local innovation community with the larger global network. They offer a variety of programs and events, which can be found on their website.

Chic Geek

Chic Geek is a Calgary- based non-profit that is targeted specifically at females in technology entrepreneurship. They connect women with mentors. provide networking opportunities, and workshops.

Growing Forward 

Growing Forward 2 is a government partnership with a mandate to drive innovation in Canada’s agricultural sector. In Alberta the initiative is focused on three areas: research and innovation, competitiveness and market development and adaptability and industry capacity. They provide a broad range of programs to stimulate businesses in the agricultural sector.


Coworking Spaces

The Haskayne Hunter Centre For Entrepreneurship and Innovation has put together a comprehensive list of resources for Calgary entrepreneurs outlining the many different coworking spaces available in the Calgary metro area.

Alberta BoostR

While there are lots of online crowdfunding resources available this one is unique to Alberta. In addition to crowdfunding the platform provides lots of extra perks:

“Alberta BoostR is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform from ATB Financial designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Alberta. Through Alberta BoostR, businesses can raise money, test ideas, and gain exposure and market insights from the “crowd” in exchange for a reward—a product, service, or fun/unique experience. We’re taking a different approach by offering entrepreneurs not only a crowdfunding platform through BoostR but also:

  • A team of supportive advisors entrepreneurs can reach out to before, during and after their crowdfunding journey.
  • Coaching and guidance through monthly Crowdfunding 101 workshops in Calgary and Edmonton.
  • Opportunities for exposure through pitch events and ATB’s marketing channels.
  • Helpful resources for entrepreneurs (psssst! Even if you’re not crowdfunding you can tap into these!)

BoostR is ideal for businesses of all stages—from startup to well established—whether you’re looking to launch or reach the next level of growth” – Source: AlbertBoostR

While the prairies may not have access to the same hub of talented developers and tech companies that are on the west coast many Vancouver companies are happy to collaborate and extend their services across Canada, such as Gravit-e. Please contact us to find out if your project is something we can help you with.