Traction Conference 2016

Traction Conf

Traction conference happened yesterday at The Commodore Ballroom and Gravit-e’s head of business development, Klara, attended. It was our first year in attendance but Traction Force’s 4th year hosting the event in Vancouver. The event was very well organized with good catering, a good lay out with vendor booths lining the central seating area, excellent speakers and a variety of networking opportunities. The conference featured a selection of roundtable conversations, stage talks, and panel discussions. The best part? They put this all together for free! In a world where attending a catered conference can easily cost hundreds of dollars or more it is great that Traction Force was accessible to companies with budgets both large and small.

The message ‘Every Company Is Becoming A Tech Company’ really resonates with Gravit-e Technologies as so many of our clients are coming from brick & mortar industries or manufacturing and are looking to leverage technology to streamline operations and improve workflows. There was plenty of discussion about how data can be better leveraged and how data from disparate applications can be shared to gain deeper insights.

We look forward to attending again in 2017. We definitely would recommend this conference for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups.