Daedalus Cyber-Attack Alert System Something From The Future Arriving Today

It looks like something from a science fiction movie. On some sort of display the hero can touch and manipluate it to discover who’s responsible for the crime at hand. Built by the National Institue of Information and Communication Technology (NICT), it shows its users any attack on any network, the center representing the internet and the networks being monitored revolving around it. According to the video, users will be able to see, in real time, how a virus is spread by monitoring which IP’s are sending it. The system is being transfered to an internet security service which will include it in a service that alerts organization of attacks.

This week saw CNN and The Washington Post’s webistes hacked by pro-Assad hackers. The result was that some of the sites links were redirecting readers to a Syrian website. The BBC article claims that this technique is the same used to spread malware, but that there was no real damage to either organization.

However, back in 2011 Sony’s PSN network was hacked causing a shutdown of the service. Sony estimated that aproximatley $171 million was lost. While probably a small number to an organization like Sony, shows that hacking can actually result in lost revenue. Which is why softwares like Daedalus could become very important in the near future and not just for the more high profiled news making cases but maybe even for small buisnesses. For example, a small buisness in Chicago reportely lost $300,000 due to a case of hacking.

Daedalus is not only important because of what it does, but since it makes malware, viruses, etc… harder to spread throughout an organization. A regular anti virus will stop a piece of harmful software from working, but it could have still spread before being detected. All you need is one employee to not have installed it, or disabled it becuase it slows down his/her computer too much, and your organization can be crippled.