Why Web-Based Software Matters

secure servers to store web-based applications(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Web-based softwares are fast, cheap, and convenient. Running of a browser, these web applications bring much of the power that traditional software usually brings. And thanks to faster internet connections and more advanced browsers, web-based softwares are great alternatives for businesses looking to stay efficient but not wanting to invest all their cash into IT.

An Easy Way To Save $700.00

With the popularity of company websites, knowing how to manage a website is a good skill to have. Even at a basic level, understanding how to use photo editing software (photoshop) is important in building a good looking website. But it costs ~$700 for a legal copy of the software, and who wants to spend the cash on a software that'll end up croping and formating images (obviously this does not count if your a full on designer). Instead you could always try this web-based version of photoshop Pixlr. This web application will do most of what your looking for and for free.

What You Need To Know About Web-based Software

On a higher level web-based softwares can do a a lot more than just replace desktop software: 

Automate: Many web-based applications are built to automate process that would otherwise be done by hand. For example, automatically generating invoices and sending them off to clients.  

Frees Up Time: Web-based softwares can make your internal systems more efficient, leaving you with more time to dedicate to growing your business.

Savings: Although there is an initial investment to worry about, web-based software costs little-to-nothing to maintain, so over the long term you’ll save money. Compare this to having to buy a new version of a software every few years.  

Stored In Secure Servers: Instead of your company’s important data being stored on inner office servers or stray USB drives, everything is online, protected through secure logins and in remote servers. 

No HTML Needed: You don’t need to be a techy to understand how a web-based software works. Everything is built for you to easily interact with, all you need to do it click a few links or buttons and it’ll all work perfectly.

No Downtime To Update: Adobe updates can be annoying, so can Java, so can everything. Web-based applications are updated seperatley, all the user has to do is refresh the browser.

Complete Access: Traditional softwares, for the most part, are fixed. Custom built web-based software are yours to be tinkered with. 

Custom To Your Needs: If something does not work perfectly with your business then it can easily be tweaked and updated; you never have to settle for a useless tool or a overly complicated interface.  

Systems Can Talk To Each Other: Thanks to the nature of the internet, web-based softwares can easily talk to other systems. This means that one application can pull information from one application and apply it to another.

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