Canadian Computer Geeks Reign Supreme

Canadian BusinessIt’s a good time to be a computer geek in Canada. No longer is it necessary for the geeky amongst us to hide away, as according to economists the computer literate have turned the Canadian digital economy into the most cost effective one in the world.

According to a recent Techvibes article, Canadian digital firms hold an impressive competitive advantage over the rest of the world. The article cites a 15% competitive advantage over the US, Britain comes in a distant third with a 8% advantage over the Americas, and the Dutch are placed a few points behind Canada with a 11% advantage over the people south of the border.

Now that the Canadian computer geek officially reigns supreme, what does it mean for business? Well, instead of outsourcing work to a cheaper location, the Canadian developer or IT guy can give you the best quality for your dollar. Local digi-geeks also have the advantage that they understand the local economy; able to adapt to your specific needs more efficiently.

Automatic Is Not Just For Cars

Behind the benefits of buying locally, the fact that Canada has developed a robust digital economy hints at fact that businesses who embrace the binary world are on the right track. One of the most common digital upgrade trends is to start depending more on the cloud. This way your staff can have unprecedented access to important information, not matter where they may be. But, unfortunately many businesses just stop there, never taking the next step towards automation. Automation would take that static information in the cloud and makes it work for you.

Staff, for example, might choose to store sales information a Dropbox-like-service. Using the cloud to store important information is a step-up from pen and paper, but it also means that someone has to take that raw data from the cloud and crunch it. An automated database could be designed to do the crunching instantly. All a person would need to do is click a button and the database would spit out a report, saving everyone the time and hassle.

The Canadian Business Of Tomorrow

By whole heartily embracing the digital economy, Canada has outshone everyone else. It only stands to reason that if more and more Canadian businesses do the same the economy as a whole can become more and more competitive.