Mobile Apps: The Future Of Your Business?

It comes as no surprise that we have grown dependent on our mobile devices. In a recent report by the mobile analytics firm Flurry provided some evidence that the use of mobile apps has over taken the amount of time spend browsing the web. This startling conclusion confirms what a lot of people already knew, that mobile apps have made little niche in our lives.


Mobile Apps Mean Business

Flurry’s report shows that the vast majority of mobile app use is on gaming and social networks. Some might interpret this data to mean that businesses who are not in those industries are not going to benefit from going mobile.


The dominance of social apps and games signals that consumers are using their phone for leisure activities. Therefore, one could interpret these results to mean that consumers use apps that they find useful; as they are choosing to use these apps over other leisure activities. So for a business in the market for a mobile app it might be a good idea to:

  • Build An App That Your Customers Find Useful

Making something that your clients will want to use might sound obvious. However, the reality is you only have 8% of the time per-day to take up, so building in a use that takes advantage of the mobile medium is important; don’t just develop an application because they are trendy. For example, a web application that tracks the status of an order/project could be useful, while an application that just gives updates on your company‘s news probably won’t do much good.

It’s also worth noting that you clients don’t necessarily have to benefit from mobile applications. Creating a mobile web application that keeps track of stock could be just the thing a salesman in the field needs. So instead of trying to generate business through an app, the app acts as a support tool.

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