A Special Type Of Website: The Design Contest Website

There are times were outside help is the best source to tap for creative solutions. This is the fundamental idea behind a design contest websites. These sites are a special breed, giving the user an opportunity to create and present an idea or solution to a posed problem.

What So Special About A Contest Website?

  1. Submission: Those who are interested in participation must register to receive the guidelines for the contest, pay any necessary fees, and submit their proposal.
  2. Judgment: At this point submissions are closed and the works are judged
  3. Winner: The winner is announced, prize money distributed as necessary.

Those are the three basic stages of a design contest website, and is also what makes these sites unique. Unlike more standard websites, a competition website changes. While it is possible for a standard website to have new content, look, and feel, the use tends to stay quite static; i.e., educate, sell, or provide a use of some sort.

The contest website actively encourages its users to participate. Not only is there a potential prize, but there is a time limit. These incentives have an effect not usually found online, it encourages participation not for the sake of it, but because there is a tangible reward at the end.

An Example

Vancouver Viaducts: If there is a standard type of design contest website then this is it. The problem is presented, viaducts, architects are encouraged to submit their solutions to how to solve it, and everything is judged.


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