Why Online Is More Secure

Website design is becoming a thing of the past. Not that businesses aren’t investing in it anymore, but the importance placed on an attractive website has diminished slightly. Instead, web development has become the new golden child. Building and integrating various apps, databases, and even accounting data, into a site can improve the utility obtained from your website. However, some may be resistant to move their business information online, fearing that the digital world is not as secure as keeping physical documents under lock and key.

Five Reasons Why Online Is More Secure

1.It’s Easier To Break A Lock: Most of us have experienced the shock of patting down pockets or searching through a bag frantically looking for a wallet. After a few minutes of discovering the innards of your stuff the thought that, “ I must have been pick-pocketed” will quietly sneak into your mind, causing even more distress. Fortunately, most of the time the wallet will be found hiding somewhere. While this is normally the case, there are many people who have had their property stolen; all it takes, is to lift a wallet out of a pocket, or break a lock. However, breaking into a computer is quite complicated. With out previous knowledge of the necessary passwords, the thief has to have had a good deal of education and advanced programming experience, as opposed to the guy who breaks into the office; who just has to know how to break stuff open.

2.A Good Developer Will Build In Security: One of the ways that makes online more secure, is that a good developer will build in the necessary security to prevent theft. Take credit card processing as an example. To ensure that credit card data is handled properly, a developer will design a billing system to comply with PCI Compliance / PCI – DSS certification. Which is a set of standards with regards to how consumer credit card information is handled. This all means that there is a set of regulated standards to which websites have to comply to before it is deemed safe.  

3.Online Servers Are More Secure Than Your Office Server: Which do you think is harder to break into your office server or online storage services? Many office servers are simply password protected. However, services such as box.net or dropbox specialize in online storage. Meaning that they have a vested interest in keeping information safe, so you can be confident in assuming that they have heavily invested into security. On the other hand an office server can easily be compromised by a disgruntled employee with a USB drive and a knowledge of copying and pasting. Related to that, some online storage services allow individuals to be granted access to certain areas, so you can be confident that the marketing people don’t have access to the HR data, or that accounting info will stay within the accounting department.

4.Information Does Not Get Lost Online: Unless deliberately deleted, information stored online does not mysteriously disappear; like many-a-paper copy. While there is the possibility of a server crash, there is normally back up upon back up. On the other hand most people will only keep one copy of a paper document. Such documents become susceptible to shredding, misfiling, and general damage from the physical world.

5.Information Is Spread Out: Many organization have servers in different countries. The reasons for this could be varied, but the one big benefit is that by spreading the physical locations of you online storage means that if one area is broken into or goes down for any reason, there are other locations throughout the world that will still be okay. An office server, or warehouse has all your necessary information under one roof. This means that if something happens to the one area, your business cannot function properly.

Take Away Point

Beyond the benefits to growth, moving more of your business online offers a more secure environment for your business to operate. By keeping everything under physical lock and key could actually make the information you deem import


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