Five Major Benefits of Online Document Management Systems

Moving towards a paperless office can potentially improve efficiency, lower costs, and it is environmentally friendly. There are a few different methods to achieve a paperless office. One of these methods is to adopt software designed to create a paperless office. However, it should be noted that paperless software should be more than just a digital storage closet. Below are some examples on some of the unique benefits your business could obtain by moving your document management systems on-line.

Advantages of Online Document Managements Systems

  • Keep track of all your files: A good document management system will allow the user to search for, find all necessary files, and do it faster than searching through a mountain of file cabinets. Two common solutions are, including a search function,and/or allowing users to apply different documents with meta-tags. Finding documents more efficiently is not only limited to interoffice communication. A document management system could keep track of information pertaining to clients (invoices, proposals, etc…). Allowing for those staff dealing with clients to operate more efficiency as they have everything at their finger tips.
  • Keeps a history: One problem with physical paper is that as a document is updated, keeping a history of each revision can be difficult; e.g., by keeping a physical copy of each version, not only will file size balloon, but it can be overwhelming to have so much paper on-hand. This is where a on-line document management system can be a huge advantage. Multiple revisions can be kept and tracked with great ease. With this benefit it would be easy to a user to see how a proposal has evolved over time; just to give one example.
  • Ease of control: An online document management system is easier to organize. Just imagine having to sort out a whole filing cabinet versus moving folders around on a server.
  • Ease of access: Anyone, who is permitted to, can gain access to the document management system. This means that a person in a different office, working from home, or out meeting with a client, can easily access information relevant to their work.
  • Greater degree of integration: Unlike a physical filing cabinet, an on-line document management system can be customized to work with other systems within your business.

These are just a few examples of the additional benefits a could gain from an on-line document management system. When looking at moving more of your operations on-line, it is a good idea that you research some of the available solutions; making sure they offer the types of benefits you are looking for.

Contacting a software developer is another good way to go. A developer will take the time to understand your specific needs and be able to point you in the right direction of a good online document management system.

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