What Skype and Custom Software Have in Common

Skype As An Example of What Makes a Custom Software Useful

With Microsoft’s recent purchase of Skype, it provides us with a great example on how good software development can lead to great results; especially considering that Skype convinced the tech giant to fork over $8.5bn (US), the most they ever have had to for another company.

One cause of Skype’s increasing popularity in the business arena was it greatly improve efficiency. A good custom software should do the same for your business. If there is a inefficient process that could be eliminated or automatized, a custom software could easily fill the gap. A good custom software will also eliminate unnecessary manual tasks. Much in the same way that Skype has eliminated the need for face-to-face meetings by substituting in video chat and other similar services. In addition, custom software should provide you with the most benefit with the least amount of work. Skype achieved this perfectly, by allowing businesses cheap international rates, and free user to user calling.

Another benefit to Skype’s calling feature is it has build upon currently implemented systems. All Skype really did with the calling feature was to move the telephone on-line. Therefore, for users it was easy to adapt, as they already knew how to operate a phone. The same logic should be applied when automating a current process or looking at a custom software solution. Building a custom software upon a current system can help users adapt to it faster; improving efficiency with fewer growing pains.

Skype also evolved, grew, and changed with the times. In its beginning, Skype was basically an alternative to MSN, but now it is a program in its own right, with its own completely independent functions. Like wise your custom software should be able to adapt to changes, both external and internal, with minimal effort. This could be as simple as getting the developer to build in a large amount of customizable options, or keeping a good relationship with a developer. Who could easily come in an tweak a few aspects to make sure your custom software never gets too old.