Tips on Moving Your Business Processes Online

In order for any business to be able to gain full advantage of having a website, their site needs to be well-maintained at all times – and that means stepping beyond having just eye-catching graphics and towards a more effortlessly functioning and navigational site. By making it convenient for your new prospects and devoted clients to locate information about your products and service; you can enhance the quality of your customer service, and therefore increasing the efficiency of your business.

Move Sales Online:

1. Use Social Media. If one of the factors that is holding you back from “going all out” on the web is that you don’t know how to drive traffic to your website, then you have nothing to worry. Fortunately, nowadays, thanks to social networking sites, blogs, and other inbound marketing techniques, you can generate traffic by using Twitter, a Facebook fan page, and other sites such as TypePad, you can gain a head start in promoting your website, as well as, you business’ products and services efficiently, cost-effectively and promptly.

2. Take advantage of resellers. If you currently have resellers; you could provide a secure log in area for them to access your latest sales materials. Through this method, you could save tremendous amounts of time and money by avoiding having to update your resellers via the telephone, email or other modes of communication.

3.  Add a shopping cart to your site. According to the the latest Canadian consumer-trends polls, the number of Canadians using the internet to purchase goods and services continues to grow — up from 50% in 2009. This is why adding a shopping cart or other e-commerce capabilities to your website can be extremely valuable for your business’ sales potential. Integrating e-commerce can be achieved in many forms; however, if you are a smaller business with only a number of products for sale, e-commerce capabilities can easily be added using a third-party service.

4. Hold webinars to educate prospects about your products or services and make the recordings available to people who weren’t able to attend. Hosting a web seminar has the ability to improve your company’s reputation and popularity by increasing customer satisfaction. You may also want to consider webinars are a much more cost-friendly alternative to conventional seminars.

5. Adopt online marketing practices versus traditional advertising methods. As consumers increasingly turn to the internet to find and purchase products and services, this provides your business with greater opportunities to expand its consumer base and profits.

Move Support Online:

1. Make PDF versions of product manuals and other relevant information available online. Not only is this a green alternative to using paper-based materials, but it can also have sales benefits by making relevant information readily available to clients and other interested parties.

2. Add a frequently asked support questions to your website, or even better integrate a searchable knowledge base. FAQs are designed to answer general questions about your business, its products, services, and so on. By incorporating such section; you can make your business more productive by reducing the need to address basic questions over the phone or via emails.

3. Have customers fill out an online support form. Using a form allows you to ensure that you get all the necessary information you need from your clients, the first time around, rather than having to reply to a vague initial email asking for more specific details.

How successful is your business performing on the web? Has moving online been an easy and worth-while transition for you?