Gravit-e Website Relaunch Announcement

Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 20, 2010, Gravit-e Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the relaunch of its corporate website which is primarily designed to provide relevant and effective information on our company, team, services and products.

New Structure and Contents

The new site features several new sections including:

  • Services Section: aimed at disclosing extensive details, both in terms of functionality and benefits, of Gravit-e’s wide range of IT services.
    • In conjunction with the new site, we have launched a new service, as well. The Business Automation Review is an intensive one-day consulting service with a purpose of helping small to mid-sized businesses identify how they could improve both their company’s productivity and efficiencies through the elimination of current ineffective and tedious processes that are holding them back.
  • Products: a set of comprehensive information outlining Gravit-e’a main products which are built from the ground up to support our custom application development.
  • Case Studies: with the new site, you can now request a sample case study of the wide variety of industries/businesses that Gravit-e’s products and services have played a key role in. As a solution provider, Gravit-e has helped a number of small and mid-sized companies with their custom applications, systems integration, and e-commerce needs. Your case study example will hopefully assist you in better understanding how our highly-skilled team, along with our quality products/services, can enhance your business performance and optimize your procedures.
  • Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn Services: You can now follow Gravit-e on multiple social networking sites in order to receive fast, up-to-the minute updates and answers to your questions.

Please feel free to check out our relaunched website–we hope you enjoy the new features.