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Building Your Own SaaS: The Things You Need To Know

There are two ways to develop a SaaS, do it yourself or get someone to do it for you. If you're going to build everything from scratch yourself and have the necessary skills, you might want to stop reading and actually start developing your SaaS now. However, not everyone has the necessary programming skills so an option is to hire someone else to do it for you. 

The Things You Need To Know: Hiring A Developer

When it comes around to finding a team to build your SaaS, options are limited to hiring an in-house development team or an outside developer. An in-house team, at least initially, seems to make the most sense. You can control everything and monitor development from start to finish. However, this comes with a larger price tag. There is the cost of renting an office, equipment, servers, and salaries, so unless you have a big budget an in-house team might cost too much to deliver the SaaS you need.  

Why Not An Outside Developer?

  • Easier To Get Started: Typically a developer will simply outline the requirements for the project and give you an estimate. It could be a one time sum or a more flexible approach, but as long as your idea is clear any good developer will be able to give you a budget and a clear development schedule. 
  • Develop Your Idea: A developer will also help you to build upon your project,they will have insight into the requirements behind building the SaaS. 
  • Lower Cost: A developer typically has a range of clients they deal with, so all those costs associated with an in-house team are spread over multiple projects.
  • Businesses Compete For You: If your SaaS idea is good and the project worth while to developers, then your in a position to pick and choose the one who offers you the best deal. 
  • Frees Up Time: An outside developer, once the project has started, will get to work and report back to you regularly. Instead of being in the trenches with your in-house team you are free to operate your business. 
  • No Experience Required: There's no need to understand the technicalities behind building a SaaS, you'll just be presented with different versions of the finished product until everything is fully completed. 

An in-house team or an outside developer really comes down to a personal preference. If you truly think that you need to hire a full team to build your SaaS, then do that, it's your idea at the end of the day. What the developer brings is that it's a great alternative way to get your SaaS without the budget for an in-house team. You might loose a bit of control in terms of internal development, but if you find the right developer and communicate your idea effectively nothing will really be lost. Developers rarely, and never if they are good, just disappear into a darkened room where all you can hear is the sound of keys clacking. They will talk to you and update you on the progress of your project whenever you need it. 

For more information on what it takes to build a SaaS visit our SaaS Development page. Also if you have any questions or even a project you'd like to get started contact us.



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