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Forms, Forms, Forms: Reducing Your Reliance On Paper Can Save

Paperwork is the worst, it take up time and too much of it is just mind numbing. That's why we moved onto excel sheets and word documents. They replaced the old paper forms that needed to be filled out each time we needed to send an invoice or update our inventory.

However, they are their own brand of tedious. They need constant attention and normally sit somewhere buried in a server that only its users can find. Someone who wanted a stock update would have to go on a quest, searching through countless oddly titled folders, just to find out how many screws are in the warehouse. 

Paperwork, and its close cousin data entry, are the worst because they are impractical.

Reducing Your Reliance On Paper With A Web Application

Digitising your paper or excel forms is an alternative solution that can reduce the amount of time taken to: fill in a form or enter data into an spreadsheet, maintain it the whole system, and make find data about as hard as googling. A custom web application simply automates your internal paperwork. 

  • Break Things Up: A form can be broken down into components, making the task of data entry a little less daunting.
  • Reduce/Completely Eliminates Double Entries: A custom software can be told that data entered in one section should automatically update in another. No more entering in your name and address five times over. 
  • Notifications: Upon completion a notification email can be sent out to the right people. Instead of flooding email inboxes with attached excel sheets or scanned pdfs, a simple "please approve" or "requesting X" link can be clicked and the whole ordeal is over. 
  • Be everywhere: Web applications are very easy to port over to a mobile device, so agents in the field can fill out paperwork to their hearts content. No need for them to come to an office for the purpose of paperwork. 
  • Statistics: Entered data can be crunched for you and made into custom reports.

So some degree all businesses need paperwork to operate. Invoices need to be made by someone and another person needs to receive the payment and log it. The faster those processes can be done the more time a business has to grow and get actual work done. A web based application allows that to happen by reducing the reliance on slower paper based systems.



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