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Easy Fixes For Creating An Effective Mobile Ecommerce Website

Here’s a shocker, your desktop website won’t render perfectly on a phone. For many this might be one of those tidbits that doesn't really matter. Like how 90% percent of bananas go uneaten. Shocking, but it's not really going to affect your banana buying habits. (It's made it up by the way, well it might be true, I just didn’t look into banana eating habits.) 

However, trends are pointing towards the reality that mobile traffic will start to seriously compete with traditional desktop forms. Mobile devices might even take over traditional internet traffic soon. Businesses without mobile website in the future could start to see a drop off in traffic, but also those who rely on ecommerce to generate revenue could be in a bit of trouble. 

If ecommerce-based businesses aren’t updating their sites to be compatible with mobile decides they could potentially be loosing traffic and therefore business. Hoping that users will be able to interact with the same website on two different devices will just result in frustrated users and exiting ones. Also, if your website does not look professional customers might not be comfortable trusting you with their credit card. Fortunately there are some easy fixes that can help to create an effective mobile ecomerce website.

Seven Easy To Fix Design Issues:

  1. Portrait to Landscape: A website that cannot effectively switch between portrait and landscape mode will come across as awkward and harder to use. 
  2. Images: Not all mobile devices are connected to fast networks, although with technology such as 4G this could still change, but till then heavy images are just going to slow down your website, making it less accessible to those who you need to be reaching.
  3. Text: Text that is too big requires the mobile user to constantly be pinching and swiping at the screen, which can get very tiresome. This also applies to images, if an image of a product is too big it’s going to get in the way.
  4. Links: The great thing about a mouse is that it can be very precise, down to the pixel-precise, and sometimes a finger or thumb just isn’t. If links on a mobile website are not properly sized they can either be impossible to “click” or in the way that the user might accidentally press on one, navigating them away from the page. 
  5. Dropdown menus: Sometimes dropdown menus made for a desktop website will not load onto a mobile device well. 
  6. Certification: Whether you use a third party system or develop your own payment processing system, it's a good idea to make sure your show the badge of security. Mobile websites prize few images and speed, but this is probably one you don’t want to eliminate in favour of speed.  
  7. Flash: Flash can make any retail site look great, and since desktops have more hardware and faster connections they can handle these heavier sites. iOS mobile devices can’t load flash, even those OS’s that can will be under extra strain; all this leads to slow and clunky navigation. Developing a mobile website to use an alternative to flash (HTML5) or just avoiding the stylistic look for a more streamlines ones might be a better idea. 

Fortunately, mobile websites are only getting easier to build. From custom built websites, to more standardized versions, there are solutions available for every business. In addition, there are mobile ecommerce web applications which can help to create a better experience for your customers on their phones. 

As more traffic starts to come through mobile devices, making sure your online store is compatible is going to keep you ahead of the curve and maybe even get you a few more customers. 

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