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How Does Custom Software Development Work? The Variable Cost Approach

Software development isn't always an easy thing to plan out. Fixed-fee Projects, the easier one to plan out, can't always adapt to changing goals, new requirements, and/or projects with a large scope. That's why we use a second method in order to develop custom software, the variable cost method.  

The Second Important Approach To Software Development: The Variable-cost Project

Sometimes projects are highly complex or just too big to clearly pre-define each component. In order to get over this hurdle, developers will take a more gradual and highly flexible approach. By building components one by one, testing each, and then reevaluating them allows a developer to gradually build up a highly complex system that would otherwise be to big to pre-plan. 

Project Kickoff: Like with a fixed-fee project, this step happens after all major planning has finished. The main difference is that nothing is set in stone, normally a proposal outlining each component of the project has been sent, but its understood that it might change as the project continues.

Discovery: This stage involves a assessment of what the requirements of the project are. Traditionally we make time to visit your business to gain an understanding of what you need.

Architecture and Design: This is when we build in all the core applications and foundation for the whole software.

Development: Unlike the fixed-fee project this is an evolving stage, instead of just building everything outright, components are build and then go through the review and re-prioritize stage until they are ready to be launched. 

Review and Re-prioritize: This is where the variable cost method really shines. Because each component is reviewed, it allows us to adapt to any new changes. Not only that but as the software is reviewed we gain a clearer understanding of what the final product should look. 

Testing QA: Once all major development has finished the software is then run through a series of tests to ensure that the final product works.

Delivery: The finished product is delivered to the client.

Support: We will be available to help with any problems or questions that might come up after the project is officially done.





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