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Unique Uses of Ecommerce: Mobile Ecommerce

Recently Hubspot posted an inforgraphic showing that mobile ecommerce has grown by 103% in the last year, not only that but nearly one in ten dollars spent online goes through a mobile device. Considering that number of tablet and smartphone users will probably continue to grow, it's safe to assume that mobile ecommerce (m-commerce) is going to play a role in future business.

But what exactly is this strange, almost made up sounding word? In its simplest form, mobile ecommerce is a web based application that allows mobile devices to make purchases online. Every time you purchase an app from the app store, mobile ecommerce was the thing that made it possible, but everything doesn't just stop at Angry Birds. The range and applicability for the m-commerce platform is much broader and can be particularly useful for businesses. 

Unique Uses of Mobile Ecommerce

Sell From Everywhere

What ecommerce does particularly well is it allows your business to sell online 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The only caveat is that it requires the consumers to be relatively stationary, and by that I mean they have to be seated in front of a laptop or desktop. Mobile ecommerce does not require any of that, you could be on a train, walking to work, or relaxing in front of the TV. Mobile ecommerce allows you to sell all the time and form everywhere.

The Infrastructure Is Getting There

With services such as payfirma becoming more popular, and the fact that Mastercard has ranked Canada second on the mobile rediness index. Embracing mobile ecommerce is getting much easier for businesses throughout Canada. And unlike a few years ago, the cost of embracing a new technology, such as m-commerce, has if not is starting to decrease. 

Create Documents Automatically

When you buy something through Amazon a bunch of documents are automatically created, all which go to someone who will build your order and make sure that it's shipped out. We only really see the checkout button followed by a cardboard filled with goodies. The same logic can be applied to your business. Say that your warehouse is low on stock. Before you'd have to go down there, manually fill out an order form, and then file it somewhere. By taking advantage of the behind the scenes functions of mobile ecommerce, all you'd have to do is take a device with you, check the appropriate box, and then wait; no need to fill out forms or file pieces of paper, it can all be done automatically.

It's An Excuse To Build A Mobile Website

Mobile websites cost money, and unless there is a clear way to get a return on investment, it is going to be a waste of money. Integrating mobile ecommerce into you website is not only a unique use of the technology, but an excuse to stay up with the current trend. 

What If I Can't Or Don't Want To Sell Online?

Mobile ecommerce, like ecommerce, is a great way to sell through the internet, but it also comes with a slew of functions that can easily be customized to your business needs. Even if you don't want to sell through the internet, ecommerce can take care of your behind the scenes accounting; if you don't think that ecommerce is a useful tool for you business, you might be interested to know that ecommerce can easily be set up to create important documents with little to no manual input; and all of this can be done through a tablet, on a sofa, watching TV. 




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