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It's not something we've ever made a point of mentioning before, but we're a green company, and have been since long before it became trendy. It's not difficult to do, and for the most part it just makes sense both for the environment, and for our bottom line.

  • Our office uses natural consumables and recycled paper products almost exclusively.
  • Our new building is LEED Gold certified.
  • We're almost entirely paperless.
  • Most of our staff spend the bulk of their time telecommuting, and on days we do go into the office we tend to use public transit.
  • In the data center we've fully embraced virtualization, helping to reduce the amount of hardware we need.
  • All of our new servers use high efficiency processors to reduce their power requirements.

For the most part these things are small and easy to do, and have had a very positive impact on our bottom line.

Being mostly paperless creates the obvious savings in consumables, but is also core to enabling our distributed workflows. This has in turn allowed us to maintain a smaller office - saving us thousands in rent - and improves efficiency by not forcing staff to go digging through paper files for what they need.

Using high efficiency servers saves us hundreds of dollars a month in electricity costs, and virtualization has saved us thousands in hardware and colocation costs.

There's often this perception that being green costs more than not, but if you look at the ancillary effects that come with it, you may be surprised at the savings and efficiencies that can be introduced. Cost cutting has been the focus for many businesses over the past twelve months, but making a small investment in being more environmentally responsible could pay back in dividends.



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