Creative Ways to Find a CTO to Help Build Your App


It’s no secret the field of technology has exploded in recent decades. As it continues to expand exponentially, it just isn’t realistic to expect app creators to have the knowledge and expertise required for the countless aspects of technology management.  

Whether you’re a single entrepreneur or if you’re part of a rapidly scaling small company, it’s okay to look outside your current situation to garner the additional expertise you’ll need to be successful.  

In this post, we will outline how onboarding a professional CTO or third-party consultant can help fill in critical knowledge gaps. We’ll also offer tips on how to find a CTO who can take your project to a successful launch.


Find the Right CTO and Focus on What You Do Best

If you are an app entrepreneur you likely excel at recognizing a need or want; and you can  formulate a creative solution to fill the demand. Yes, those are highly coveted and valuable skills, especially in the world of technology.  

However, bringing a vision, idea and/or a complete solution all the way from the initial stages to a successful app roll out is often another story.  A professional CTO can provide practical technological expertise required to turn ideas into a successful MVP rollout and beyond. This allows you,the visionary app entrepreneur, to do what you do best.


Where to Look for Your CTO

Finding a CTO is no piece of cake. Some entrepreneurs or app companies who see a need for hiring a full-time CTO also feel confident about their ability to hire the right individual. However, some companies may require a different level of involvement that’s better filled by an external source.  

If the idea of hiring a full-time CTO seems beyond the scope of your particular project, there are individuals and companies who are willing to act as third-party consultants.  

Whether you’re looking to onboard a full-time CTO, or simply looking for short-term mentorship and consulting, there are a plethora of professional sources available. Outside of traditional job postings app creators can organically seek out CTO talent through  tech events, referrals from other tech professionals, local city meetups, and apps like Shapr.

The site CoFounders Lab help entrepreneurs or small companies find a CTO by making connections with experts. These experts will mentor you and help you gain  the knowledge required to launch your app successfully.

For Vancouver locals, use the following tech/entrepreneurship channels to find your next consultant or CTO:

Third Party Consultants/Mentors

  • Ask-A-Techie –  This matchmaking service connects entrepreneurs and businesses to the right tech consultant/developer.
  • Founders Institute – Offers mentorship for early idea stage to early company startups.
  • Founders Network – Facilitates peer mentorship for tech startup founders.


Monthly Meetups


If you would like more information on how to make your creative vision a reality, we can help. Gravit-e offers app development expertise for projects requiring developer skills, and we can also manage an entire project acting as a CTO consultant.


Do contact Gravit-e for our app development and/or consulting services!