Integrating Marketing Automation Platforms With Salesforce

Integrating Marketing Automation with Salesforce

It’s a fact- marketing and sales teams are more effective when they work together. One of the best ways to facilitate the collaboration of sales and marketing teams in by integrating their software. Connecting your CRM tools to marketing platforms is essential for an overall strategy for generating, nurturing, and maintaining leads:

  • Marketing automation platforms typically score leads in terms of quality. When this data is shared with Sales reps it can help them determine which leads are the best prospects and enables reps to give those leads precedence.
  • Leads can be assigned automatically to sales reps based on thresholds and variables set by the business, which saves marketing teams the hassle of assigning them manually.
  • Integration can make teams more effective at nurturing cold leads by

Salesforce is the leading CRM tool available, so we’ve put together an overview of common integrations with Salesforce and various marketing platforms:


Combining Salesforce with MailChimp aligns and enhances your sales and marketing initiatives.

The collective data will grant you more insights than either application could on its own. You can sync data from one application to the other or back and forth, choosing to sync data to MailChimp can help you save storage space in Salesforce and vice versa. You can also specify which campaign to sync the data from, including the statistics. This allows you to ensure that only the data you need is synced.

You can also sync subscriber data from MailChimp to align with the contacts and leads in Salesforce. This really helps you get a birds-eye view of your email marketing. Once the data is in Salesforce you can manage subscribers directly from Salesforce and new subscribers can automatically be added to Salesforce as leads.

One of the most powerful aspects of a Salesforce-MailChimp integration is the ability to build segments into your mail lists in the same way you you can segment customers in Salesforce.


Marketo is designed to quickly and effectively deploy integrated marketing campaigns. By integrating it with Salesforce you can ensure that all objects and fields are automatically synced, both systems are updated anytime there is a change, and that changes in the CRM framework are automatically take place in Marketo as well. Although the integration is simple, it requires careful planning to ensure the right information ends up where you want it to.


Hubspot is an inbound marketing platform that helps attract, convert, and close leads. The integration process with Hubspot is simple and only takes a few minutes. Integrating Hubspot with Salesforce ensures it keeps the two databases working harmoniously. Hubspot also collects additional intelligence data on your Salesforce leads to grant you deeper insights and help teams followup as effectively as possible.


Is a marketing automation platform that is built on a CRM database. By integrating Salesfusion with Salesforce you can get even more out of the platform by being able to use it in its entirety through Salesforce, seamlessly nurturing leads, capturing and syncing prospect data, and viewing all marketing activity and responses in lead and contact records.


Pardot is a Salesforce-owned product, enabling it to integrate with Salesforce much more closely than other marketing automation platforms. Integration has the benefit of data syncing and tracking the data from a single interface. It also sends emails to nurture prospects and integrates all campaigns, tasks, and assignments.


If you are able to find a marketing automation platform that integrates with a CRM tool that’s great. Many companies find that commercial applications lack the features they desire or do not have the systems in place for a simple integration with the application or custom software they are currently using. At Gravit-e Technologies we integrate CRM tools and marketing automation platforms regularly as well as build sales tools from scratch for those seeking a streamlined solution tailored specifically to their needs. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your sales and marketing teams work together more effectively and grow your business.