Gravit-e Introduces New Blogger


Hi there! My name is Klara Jahrig and I am the latest addition to the Gravit-e team.  I will be assisting with business development and marketing and have authored on many technology, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle blogs.  I am excited to be taking over the Gravit-e blog and sharing my insights with you.

Born and raised in Edmonton, I moved to Vancouver in 2012 seeking milder winters, high mountains, and sweeping tides. In addition to enjoying Vancouver’s natural beauty,  I was happy to find myself amidst Vancouver’s blossoming tech ecosystem.

I have an appreciation for small businesses and their niches, making working with a custom software developer like Gravit-e a natural fit.

My passion for writing stems from a love of learning.  I find there’s no better way to absorb and retain information than researching and writing about a subject.  Over the next few months you can expect to see more posts being published on a regular basis.  Topics will range from the latest industry news to tips and tricks on running your business more efficiently.  We will also be giving the blog (and the Gravit-e website) a design refresh.  Feel free to jump in on the dialog and let us know if there is anything you’d like to see changed or covered.

Happy Reading!

You can follow me on Twitter @KJahrig