The Importance of a Practical Web Design

Reasons why your web design needs to be practical so that it navigates smoothly, securely and without a hitch:

1. Everyone Can Have a Pretty Site. Nowadays with a plethora of ultra quick web-building services listed through websites like, anyone can create a visually attractive website at virtually no cost. However, not everyone understands the significance of having a beautiful site that also works. Business owners might make the mistake of allocating the majority of their online presence budget to a web designer and not a developer. This poor decision can cause them to end up with a unique and visually stunning website that may or may not work. A better decision would be to set aside a budget for a combination of the two so that you can have an eye-catching site while ensuring that it still retains a high degree of practicality.

2. Expand Your Business/Market Share/Presence. With an accessible, pracical, and secure website, you could turn your site into a powerful tool that enables company staff and customers to gain full benefits. These include the ability for people to turn to your website for all of their questions, concerns, and inquiries. In addition,  if you are a local company and have relied, thus far, on your immediate, geographical surroundings, a move to the net could result in a shift from a local to global market

3. Increased Sales. Having an additional online based business could improve your profits and bottom line, since a website not only reduces operating costs but it can also increase productivity. For example, by automating your information dissemination and customer service you are able to reduce the costs associated with manual labour, eliminate the need for creating/distributing product sell sheets, catalogues, and brochures. In addition by opening up a new virtual location you business will be able to operate with almost little or no assistance and supervision.

4. Better Customer Service. By empowering your clients to navigate easily through your products and services you can guarantee that your business an increased overall customer satisfaction. With more and more people turning to the internet to have all their questions addressed, you too can take advantage of this by having a website that meets the needs of your clients efficiently and promptly. Finally, if you are like the majority of businesses, your business hours are probably quite steady – ranging anywhere between 40-70 hours/week; however, with your corporate website – your company all of a sudden becomes open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – at virtually no additional cost for you.

5. More efficient Business Processes. While some of your clients might still prefer face-to-face or over-the-phone interactions. Many other potential clients might prefer to obtain assistance through a website. This is also good news for you because with expectations like that you no longer need to have your employees be available all the time to address general concerns, questions and inquiries – which means less money out of your pocket, and more time for staff to perform other tasks. As well, with a website you could carry out all of your regular day to day company activities without actually having to oversee any projects to ensure that they are conducted properly. For instance, while a cashier can make a mistake when running a transaction, an online shopping cart eliminates this worry as it will never make an error.


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