Time to Welcome & Embrace the iPad in Your Business

Tablets, such as the iPad, hasn’t received the most open armed welcome by everyone in the tech world. Many have claimed that the iPad is basically  an overgrown iPhone, and has little in the way of uses that other Apple products cannot do. Even so, the iPad has soldiered on, finding a conformable niece within the consumer market. However, that does not mean the iPad cannot provide your business with a viable asset; instead the iPad could just be the device you are looking for to give you that competitive advantage your have been looking for.

Whether you’re a clothing company or travel agent, adopting the iPad can bring about needed change. Take SageView Advisory Group, a California based investment firm, who is expected to reduce the its paper consumption by 12,000 pages per trimester simply by switching their print-based materials into electronic forms that could be easily accessed and derived through the iPad.

One of the most useful features of the iPad is that it allows companies to showcase their services, products and brochures directly to the consumer.  For example, a photographer can carry an always up-to-date portfolio with them, promotional item providers can save on wasteful catalog printing, and even those operating in the manufacturing sector can carry update plans, specs and video demonstrations of their product all in one portable device. This element alone can dramatically improve your business-client relationship and communication, as well as, increase awareness of your company’s goods and operations.

Not only can the iPad provide effective and simple solutions for your business, but for those willing to go the extra mile the iPad can add some oomph to your business model. Take one of Sydney’s most famous restaurant, Global Mundo Tapas, which has replaced its traditional paper menus with iPads. While some might dismiss this as a silly novelty, this move give Global Mundo Tapas a competitive advantage over those business who are slow to adopt this technology which is becoming ever more important and integrated into modern life.

Now that you have seen and heard how some companies are taking advantage of the iPad; How do you plan to adopt this environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and promising technology to get rid of your old-school/traditional, paper oriented tools and ways of doing things.