Our New Infrastructure: Blazing Performance, Maximum Reliability, Amazing Value

After months of planning and prep work, we’re excited to announce that our initial move into the Primus data center in downtown Vancouver is complete.  This new facility will help us provide even better performance, reliability and data security than before.  A top of the line facility is nothing without equipment to match, and so we’ve made significant investments in all new equipment.

At the heart of things is a cluster of SunFire X2200s.  These wonderful little machines provide amazing performance and scalability in a very small chassis.  Each is powered by two quad-core processors, can hold up to 64GB of memory, and provide a perfect platform for high performance virtualization. Coupled with a fully redundant network powered by HP ProCurve switches, this new setup will allow us to provide extreme performance and reliability at an extremely attractive price point.

With this new equipment we’re also making a significant effort to be as green and have as low a carbon footprint as possible.  High efficiency CPUs and solid state drives are used wherever possible, helping keep power requirements to a minimum.

For more information on Primus’ world-class facilities we invite you to take a virtual data center tour.