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October 15, 2014

How Custom Software Improves Job Satisfaction


How your employees feel about their work permeates your entire business. Keeping your employees happy will increase retention, morale and productivity, and will lead to better customer service. 

New software is introduced to solve problems, but it can create more work if it forces your employees to adapt to the software. By choosing a custom software solution that fits your business, you can improve job satisfaction, and save time and money.


Ease Frustrations

Using software that doesn’t match your business needs is cumbersome and your employees will inevitably become frustrated. Custom software improves workflow, allowing your staff to focus on the job, rather than the logistics of workplace technology. 


Reduce Redundancy

How often do your employees handle the same information? Do they have to manually enter the same data over and over again? Custom software can minimize data entry by integrating your commercial software systems so they communicate or adding functionality to your current software, or you can build an application that handles data precisely as you need.


Decrease Training Time

With new technology comes a learning curve for your employees. You may need multiple commercial software programs, and your employees will require training for each program. Training is costly and time consuming, particularly for smaller businesses with leaner staffs. Because custom software is tailored for your business, it is easier to learn and use. This will decrease training time and save you a lot of money and wasted effort.


Improve Help and Support

Not every business has the luxury of a large information technology department. If you’re a small business owner, your IT team may be one staff member or non-existent. As a result you become dependent on commercial software vendors for support, which can lead to long wait times and varying support quality.  


When working with a software development company like Gravit-e, you can expect a high level of support. We are available 24/7 to help with any issues and can quickly solve problems with our custom products. When we build custom software solutions we take the time to understand exactly what your needs are, and continue to host and maintain your applications after they have been implemented.

October 02, 2014

5 Advantages Of Hiring A Development Company Over An In-House Developer


If you’re looking to support, develop, or enhance your business software you generally have two options: add developers to your staff or use an external web development company.  On the surface it may appear less expensive  and more convenient to hire an in-house software developer. In reality hiring a development company, such as Gravit-e, can actually be more affordable and result in a better product.  

Here are five reasons you should consider hiring a development company rather than an in-house developer:

1. Competition

Talented developers are high in demand.  You likely can’t hire a good developer as they command higher salaries and will have no shortage of employers bidding on them. An affordable, unemployed developer is a rarity and may be lacking experience.  In addition to it being difficult to attract talented developers, it is hard to discern a great developer from an average one if you or your HR department lacks technical knowledge.  At Gravit-e we have refined our hiring processes to ensure we hire solid developers with great work ethic who deliver high quality products on time.

2. Transferability

If you only hire one developer you risk having all your IT knowledge tied up with one person who may move on and take that knowledge with them.  Development teams typically have their project knowledge maintained in a communicable manner as different team members have to be able to access the same information.

3. Quality and Expertise

Development is a team effort.  Every developer has different strengths- one may be skilled at database architecture but know very little about UI/UX.  You can't expect one developer to be good at everything.  This is why hiring a development company often leads to a better product. Gravit-e has a well-rounded team of developers with different specialties, enabling us to produce high quality solutions, take on large-scale projects,  and solve complex problems.

4. Affordability

Hiring a web development company will likely cost you less across the project lifespan.  You only have to pay for the development you actually need and don’t have to worry about salary, vacation and benefits.

5. Management

If you or your management staff don’t have a solid understanding of development it can be difficult to manage an in-house developer and evaluate their performance.  When working with a development firm the project requirements, costs and deliverables will be clearly communicated so that there are no surprises.

In some cases Gravit-e even offers in-house support. For instance, one of our clients requested that we be on-site twice a week to help with any issues or demands they may have with their custom software- a request we have been able to accommodate. Where we can offer face to face assistance we do.

September 25, 2014

How Requirements Analysis Impacts Project Outcomes


The software development life cycle typically begins with a requirement analysis and discovery phase to define and document the requirements for a project. To an enthusiastic entrepreneur or a business facing timeline and budget restraints, this process may seem drawn out and cumbersome. However, requirement analysis is a step that shouldn’t be skipped.

Here are four benefits of a requirement analysis:

Saves Time and Money

Poorly defined requirements may prolong the development cycle and result in a product that doesn’t meet your needs. By ensuring developers have a clear understanding of your vision, you will minimize time wasted doing reiterations and focusing on the wrong features. The more thorough the understanding your developers have, the more accurate their quotes and timelines will be, making it easier to stay on time and on budget.

Gives You Perspective

While you may be an expert in your business field, you may not realize how technology can best meet your business needs. During a requirement analysis the perspectives of your software users are sought. Software developers may come up with suggestions and solutions that you didn’t anticipate. Similarly, they may deem some features unnecessary or impossible. Perhaps there is commercial software that could be leveraged or integrated to address an issue. Your development team may find a more efficient and all-encompassing solution.

Refines Your Processes

The initial discovery phase of development can help you identify problem areas and simplify them. If you’re building an application to automate aspects of your workflow, you do not want the application to echo operational deficiencies. For example, if you are creating file management software, some steps of your current manual processes -- such as converting files into different formats for various departments -- may be unnecessary.

Increases Chances of Success

Requirement analysis enhances communication and acts as an agreement between you and your development team. When embarking on a new business project, it’s important to have realistic expectations. What you want to build may exceed your budget or take longer than expected. With a requirement analysis you can become aware of any issues before investing your entire budget, which allows you to seek additional funding or decide which features are necessary.


Well-documented requirements will ease frustrations during custom software development. When your software developers understand your business needs and goals, they are more likely to deliver a product that fits, leading to a better outcome.

Doing an upfront requirement analysis doesn’t set your project in stone. You can still follow an agile development process. The requirement analysis will identify problem areas and provide tentative solutions that can change based on feedback.

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